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Shake it, Stir it, Sip it at Red Martini!

Your mission – should you choose to accept – is to recruit up to 40 people for a night of classic good fun, Bond Style.

From Red Martini, With Love, you can book a special cocktail party to Live and Let Die for! Book your party today!  

Girls in Bond attire, check. 
Delicious and hearty themed appetizers, check. 
Hand crafted cocktails and specialty martinis? Check! 
Whether you like yours shaken or stirred, you’ll Never Say Never Again!

Prices start at $28.00 per person.  Red Martini will shut down for you and your group as you celebrate your special event.  Private parties are available on Sunday & Monday’s.  Other weeknights may be open based on availability.

They say you Only Live Twice, so don’t be a Dr. No – start crafting your guest list!

Contact:  Suzanne Tarbet, Owner at 541-504-6424